01. The North American bison is a huge animal, with a [massive] woolly head.
02. He died instantly of a [massive] heart attack.
03. The Titanic was a [massive] vessel, the biggest in the world at that time.
04. The Americans conducted [massive] bombing campaigns against the North Vietnamese.
05. Police say the victim must have drunk [massive] amounts of alcohol for his blood-alcohol reading to be so high.
06. The road was blocked by a [massive] boulder which had rolled down from the mountain.
07. Doctors operated to remove a [massive] tumor weighing over 20 kilograms from the woman's stomach.
08. Anthony Robbins once said that the path to success is to take [massive], determined action.
09. The [massive] body of a gorilla is covered with a thick coat of coarse black hair.
10. Computers are able to process [massive] amounts of data in mere seconds.
11. It will require [massive] human intervention if tigers are to survive in the wild.
12. The Libyan government has used its oil revenues to make [massive] new investments in cities, transportation systems, and social programs.
13. The United Fruit Company made [massive] profits in Guatemala because wages there were so low, and taxes were almost non-existent.
14. Our sun is more than 300,000 times more [massive] than the Earth.
15. In October of 1911, there was a [massive] revolt by both soldiers and civilians against the Manchu dynasty in Wuchang, China.
16. Since October 1993, the nation of Burundi has suffered from [massive] ethnic-based violence which has resulted in the death of more than 200,000 people.
17. Mining for precious metals requires the movement of [massive] amounts of water and earth, to get a handful of valuable minerals.
18. The greatest survival strategy of the human species has been the evolution of a [massive] brain.
19. Erosion has resulted in the formation of natural arches in the [massive] sandstones of the Colorado Plateau.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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